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In House Made Records Ltd. we are proud to introduce our new website. A better platform designed by professionals to offer you all the services. Progressively, we will upload all our products to the shop. On the meantime, you can witness our site grow and evolve before your eyes! If you like what you see, you can also join us on our Facebook page.


Times they are a-changin’, specially in the music industry. Music has diversified and now there are as many genres as there are artists. In House Made Records we have covered a wide fraction of the spectrum: reconceptualization of the classic Fado, fun and witty rumbas, boleros, Celtic and folk music, electronic production, pop-rock, hip-hop, rap… but always looking for a genuine and original sound.


House Made Records is devoted to create but also to share. We believe that everyone who loves music has the potential to make it. That is why we have a CNAE for professional teaching and will be soon uploading a series of tutorials on music making and the essential music apps. Stay tunned!


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